Car trips

Tour 1: Újhuta – Castle of Regéci– Vizsoly Bible – Boldogkőváralja – Gönc Huszita House – Újhuta

Total length of the tour: 85 km


1st stop: Castle of Regéc

Újhuta Castle Resort – Castle of Regéc 11 km, 18 minutes

The castle, built around 1300, rises in the central part of the Zemplén mountains. Ferenc Rákóczi II. spent his early childhood here, and then the castle became an important base of the kuruc ethnic group. Thanks to the continuous reconstruction works, several parts of the castle can be visited, including the old tower with a fantastic panoramic view, which houses the thematic, interactive, multimedia exhibition space.


2nd stop: Vizsoly Bible

Castle of Regéc – Vizsolyi Bible 16 km, 20 minutes

The Károlyi Bible of Vizsoly is the oldest surviving complete Bible translated into Hungarian. The 2,412-page, 6 kg book is an important ecclesiastical historical monument and a printing rarity. The printing of Gáspár Károlyi's translation was completed in 1590 in Vizsoly. At that time, 700-800 copies of the Hungarian version of the Holy Scripture were made. Today the whereabouts of approx. 50 Bibles are known. One of these original copies can be viewed at Vizsoly Reformed Church.


3rd stop: Boldogkőváralja

Vizsolyi Bible – Boldogkőváralja 7 km, 8 minutes

The main attraction of the settlement is the medieval castle of Boldogkő, which rises on a cliff and offers an impressive panorama of the Zemplén Landscape Protection District. The reconstructed parts of the castle offer a colourful historical insight, several exhibitions can be viewed in the castle, including the 16th century smelter, which was once used to produce the bronze needed for counterfeiting money.


4th stop: Huszita House, Gönc

Boldogkőváralja – Huszita House, Gönc 20 km, 19 minutes

The Huszita House in Gönc, built in the 17th and 18th century, functions as a house representing folk traditions nowadays. Its special and characteristic design makes it unique: it is characterized by a raised living floor, narrow window openings, and underground passages running under the house. There are several similar buildings in the surrounding settlements, presumably because of the frequent battles typical of the area in the past, fortress-like houses enriched with escape routes were built. In the Huszita House in Gönc, visitors can learn about the 19th century market town and peasant lifestyle, and in the cellar you can see the gothic window fragments of the nearby Pálos monastery and in the cellar system you can also see some of the famous 136.6 litre Gönc barrels which have become a unit of measure.


5th stop: return to the Castle Resort

Huszita House Gönc – Újhuta Castle Resort 31 km, 39 minutes

Tour 2: Újhuta – Pálháza narrow-gauge railway – Castle of Füzér – Széphalom, Museum of Hungarian Language – Sárospatak – Újhuta

Total length of the tour: 138 km


1st stop: Pálháza narrow-gauge railway

Újhuta Castle Resort – Pálháza narrow-gauge railway 58 km, 55 minutes

The mini railway through the most beautiful parts of the Zemplén Landscape Protection District offer a fantastic experience for both young and old. One of the oldest light railways in the country runs from Pálháza to Rostalló, leading through the narrowing valley of the Kemence stream. When planning your trip, it is worth paying attention to the schedule: during the season from April to October, the cosy train that run on weekends leave the terminus only twice a day. You can find detailed information and special, non-scheduled departures on the following pages: 




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2nd stop: Castle of Füzér

Pálháza narrow-gauge railway – Castle of Füzéri 10 km, 12 minutes

The medieval castle near the Slovak border rises on a castle hill of volcanic origin. The mountain was included in the natural wonders of Hungary in the 2000s. The castle offers a beautiful view of Nagy-Milic hill and the wooded peaks of the Háromhuta mountain group. From the end of the 17th century, the castle began to fall into disrepair, but today, thanks to repeated restoration works, we can see interactive exhibitions showing the daily life of the castle’s inhabitants in a renovated environment.


3rd stop: Museum of Hungarian Language

Castle of Füzér (Fortress) – Museum of Hungarian Language, Széphalom 20 km, 20 perc

The Museum of Hungarian language was built in Széphalom, next to the mausoleum of Ferenc Kazinczy, on the site of the language reformer’s former orchard. The purpose of the Museum is to convey the culture of the native language, to present the history of the Hungarian language and the results of linguistics through permanent and temporary exhibitions.


4th stop: Sárospatak

Museum of Hungarian Language, Széphalom – Sárospatak 19 km, 20 minutes

Visiting Sárospatak is worth the effort, even as a separate program: its cultural and historical attractions, natural beauty and the opportunity to relax in the Végardó Thermal Spa all encourage you to spend more time in the city. If you arrive as part of a car tour, it is worth choosing the destination according to your interest, which you can surely find in our program offers.


5th stop – return to the Castle Resort

Sárospatak – Újhuta Castle Resort, 31 km, 33 minutes